Huge cost of fight to save precious pet's eyesight

Corgi Benton with owner Judith Smithson
Corgi Benton with owner Judith Smithson
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How far would you go to save your beloved pet’s sight?

When nine-year-old Corgi Benton developed an ulcer in his eye, he needed three operations to save him - adding up to a cost of more than £1,000.

His owner, Judith Smithson, 58, of Bedford Road, paid for the procedures, as she had taken out pet insurance for Benton and believed she would be able to claim the money back.

But her hopes were dashed as her insurance company, Equine and Livestock Insurance, informed her that she would need to hand over Benton’s medical history first.

The adopted pup had his injections done at Alpha Vets in Layton years ago - but Judith says her pleas for help were ignored.

She said: “I didn’t want him to lose his eye if he didn’t have to. I thought if he was insured for £3,500 he would be OK.

“I feel like what’s the point in having pet insurance? You pay for the assurance that you can get the best possible car for your animal - it’s expensive. The cost of medication adds up.”

She said she was told by Alpha Vets staff that she would need to get in touch with a manager living in Southport - but every time she called, the manager was unavailable, and she has never received a call back.

She feared Benton’s ulcer would return, and that she would be unable to pay for further treatment.

Luckily, her insurance company eventually agreed to cover the cost - after she spent four weeks trying to obtain the information from the vets without success.

She said: “I’m very disappointed with the vets. They have not helped the situation at all.”

Alpha Vets was approached by The Gazette, but staff declined to comment.