How Norman the pony became poster boy for adoption

Norman the rescue pony '“ and the poem his devoted new owner has written about him '“ is the new poster boy for animal adoption.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 13th October 2017, 12:01 pm
Updated Monday, 11th December 2017, 5:10 pm
Isabella Dawson with her rescue pony Norman
Isabella Dawson with her rescue pony Norman

Norman was among 100 horses and ponies rescued from squalid conditions in Wales and nursed back to health at Penny Farm Rescue Centre in Blackpool.

Now he has been given a new start with Isabella Dawson, age 5, and her family.

And Isabella is so delighted with her new pet that she has written a poem about him.

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New partnership - Isabella Dawson and Norman

Mum Sarah explained: “I was looking for a pony for my daughter and was recommended by the vets to have a look on the World Horse website what was available for rehoming. We made the application and about a week later we got asked could we go and see him. He is adorable. Our five year old fell in love with him.”

Isabella was so delighted with her new charge that, with the help of mum and a friend, they penned a special poem about the grey Welsh pony.

Isabella and Norman, who teamed up in February, are already a winning combination.

Isabella said in verse: “We’ve won lots of rosettes of all colours and sizes. I’m so proud of Norman and all of our prizes.”

New partnership - Isabella Dawson and Norman

World Horse Welfare rehomes around 300 horses and ponies each year.

Deputy Chief Executive Tony Tyler said: “We are so grateful to all of our fantastic rehomers who are giving these horses and ponies a second chance at the life and it really is incredible to hear of all the amazing things they are achieving.”

Isabella’s poem

The purpose of this poem that I send,

Is to tell you about my new best friend.

I’m Isabella and he’s Norman you see,

As a pair, we’re happy as can be!

I rehomed him from Blackpool Penny Farm,

So he could come live with me on my friend’s farm.

We’ve only been together a short time to date,

But boy, we’ve done lots and he’s my number one mate.

He helps me learn new skills when riding together,

He’s well behaved in our trailer, which I’m sure will last forever.

We’ve taken a few tumbles, not on purpose of course,

He looks after me, but still a pony growing into a fine horse.

In lessons and shows we stand out from the rest,

In the cutest pair category, we are the best.

We’ve won lots of rosettes of all colours and sizes,

I’m so proud of Norman and all of our prizes.

All in all I love my new pal,

He’s fun and adorable and I’m his fave gal!

His sensitive soul touches my heart,

Isabella and Norman, the Dawson team will never part.