How a woman who was told she was 'too fat' by online trolls has overcome her bullies to be crowned Miss Galaxy Lytham

Rebecca Rahman
Rebecca Rahman
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A Fylde woman has won a place in the prestigious final of Miss Galaxy UK 2020 - after being told online by cyber bullies that she was “too fat”.

Rebecca Rahman was crowned the title of Miss Lytham Galaxy, which takes her to the grand final in March with girls from all over the country.

Rebecca Rahman

Rebecca Rahman

The 20-year-old says she wants to show young women they are beautiful - no matter their size - especially after she was torn down by online trolls who called her ‘fat and disgusting,’ after she posted on Facebook about her fund-raising through the pageant.

Rebecca said: “It really disheartened me to see the disgusting comments from grown men, saying stuff to me like I was fat, disgusting and trying to scam them. Some even photoshopped my head onto hippos' bodies.

“I couldn’t let them talk about me like that. I felt really insecure. I just want all girls young and old to know that being in a beauty pageant doesn’t mean you have to bow to the stereotype perceived. Beauty is different to so many people, love yourself and don’t let people tell you you’re worthless. I have set up a Facebook page - Miss Lytham Galaxy 2019/2020 - to boost confidence for young girls. It is okay to look the way you do, no matter what size you are.”

Rebecca, who is a chef at her family business Menu, in Blackpool, admits she has always had an issue with her weight and joined Slimming World at White Church, in Lytham, in April. She lost nearly two stone and has gone from a size 20 to 16. Wanting to help boost her confidence even further, her Slimming World consultant Natalie Meadows encouraged her to sign up to Miss Galaxy.

She added: “I set up a profile on a modelling website Star Now when I was younger but I never did anything. I forgot about it and when I logged back on recently, a scout emailed to say I should apply for Miss Galaxy. I told my Slimming World consultant and she pushed me to do it to boost my confidence. Slimming World is actually my sponsor for the pageant.”

Rebecca sent an application with information about herself and photos including one with no make-up. She added: “I said I was a size 18 and I didn’t care. Judges said I had beautiful eyes and a bright smile.”

She was named Miss Lytham Galaxy and will raise money for The Christie Hospital in Manchester. She will attend the national final at Park Hall Hotel, Charnock Richard, next March. The winner of Miss Galaxy UK will then travel to the USA with contestants from all over the world, to compete in the Miss Galaxy International final next summer.