Here’s where you can catch the diverted number nine and three buses from

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The ongoing roadworks in Bispham village will see buses diverted for around 10 weeks, Blackpool Transport said.

From 9.30am on Monday, buses on the nine and three route will be unable to serve stops between Red Bank Road and All Hallows Road in the 

Temporary stops will be placed in Ashfield Road, 
however, and will be used by both services.

The number nine buses will use its normal route to the Moor Park Health Centre, before turning onto Bristol Avenue and then onto Ashfield Road, returning to its normal route from the Crofton Avenue bus stops on Ashfield Road.

The number three buses will use its normal route to the Bispham Hotel, turn right onto Red Bank Road, right from the roundabout to Bispham Road – stopping at the Bispham Library stop – left onto Bristol Avenue, and left onto Ashfield Road re-joining its normal route.

Bispham is being upgraded “to create a more modern and safe environment for pedestrians and shoppers”.