Green-fingered Scouts branching  out for new badge

Some of the 53rd Blackpool Scouts clearing St Wilfreds Church garden
Some of the 53rd Blackpool Scouts clearing St Wilfreds Church garden
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The 53rd Blackpool Scout Group have enjoyed using their green fingers to tend to an overgrown garden at the back of St Wilfred’s Church on Langdale Road in Blackpool.

The Scouts, based at Tarnside Community Centre, hope to be one of the many groups to use the facilities in the future, so with the backing of the Reverend Linda Tompkinson, they began clearing the trees, branches, nettles and brambles to make it a happy place for the community to enjoy once again.

They are also working for their Community Impact Badge.

The activities for the badge encourage young people to create a positive social change, and take practical action.

These badges allow young people to develop skills throughout their time in scouting, and to explore community impact, which in turn to benefit the wider community as well.

Once the foliage is collected, it will be burned and the Scouts will learn backwoods cooking on an open fire, which will go towards their Chief Scout Gold Award Challenge, in Camping Skills.

Water way to have

fun with the Scouts

Blackpool District Scouts have been enjoying a whole host of activities based around water

The group have had a lot of fun and made a splash while learning important life skills.

The Scouts, aged from 10 to 14 years, have travelled to the Lake District and to the South Port Water Edge Centre to experience both yachting and other types of on water sailing activities.

The young people can also gain a Water Activity Badge over a period of time, which includes being able to explain the safety rules of all water activities.

They can choose to reach the standards of British Sub Aqua Clubs, Dolphin Snorkeler Qualification, Professional Ass of Diving Instructors, Discover Scuba, Bubble Maker or Seal Team Programme. British Surfing Ass Junior Scheme Level One Award and other professional standards. They

can choose to take part in scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, water ski - ing and rafting

On both occasions the youngster would travel by a Scout Groups Mini Bus.

The Scouts have been enjoying a number of energetic activities which also seek to teach them important lessons in safety, responsibility and team work while having lots of fun and fresh air.