GRAPHIC IMAGE WARNING: Dead deer left to rot at Marton roadside for a month

The corpse of a deer was left to rot at a roadside for a month before it was cleared by the council

Saturday, 30th November 2019, 11:45 am
The deer carcass on Mythop Road. Picture by Dean Porter
The deer carcass on Mythop Road. Picture by Dean Porter

The carcass was spotted at the side of Mythop Road in Marton by Dean Porter, 44, in late October while he was cycling from South Shore to Weeton.

It was flanked by traffic cones which were placed on the road some time before the dead animal was discovered.

He said: “The deer (was) there for about a month. I reported it to Lancashire County Council, who told me to report it to Fylde Council. About two weeks ago I had a message from them saying they had gone to sort it out, but the next time I went by, they hadn’t touched it.

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The deer carcass on Mythop Road. Picture by Dean Porter

“I see it every day that I go past to and from work, just 300 yards from Chain Lane.

“I can only presume it ran into the road and has been hit by a vehicle.”

After weeks of passing by the deer, Mr Porter, a factory worker from South Shore, took to Twitter on Thursday to complain about the council’s lack of action.

Within hours of posting images of the corpse, a Fylde Council spokesman said: “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our cleansing team have been out this morning to collect the deer.”

They also sent a message to Lancashire County Council asking their highways staff to remove the traffic cones from the road.

Mr Porter said: “I think it shows ineptitude that you have to put it on public platform like Twitter to get them to pull their finger out. If it had been in front of their offices it would have been dealt with, but because it’s on a country road, it’s left.”

Fylde Council was approached for comment.