Ghosts, UFOs or ancient sites - this Blackpool group is ready for next unexplained challenge

LAPIS members , seen at a standing stone near Castlerigg , Cumbria, are keen to hear about new cases of unexplained phenomena
LAPIS members , seen at a standing stone near Castlerigg , Cumbria, are keen to hear about new cases of unexplained phenomena
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A Blackpool society which investigates unexplained phenomena is keen to hear of any potential new assignments.

Paranormal group LAPIS (it stands for Lancashire Anomalous Phenomena Investigation Society) has been around since the 1980s and its members are interested in all unexplained phenomena - including UFOs, ghosts, time slips, mystery animals, ancient sites and much more.

Stuart Leadbetter and Janet Walkey, of LAPIS

Stuart Leadbetter and Janet Walkey, of LAPIS

And the group is keen to hear of any new cases which cannot be explained and may be classic examples of paranormal activity.

But its members are not eccentric Ghostbusters or Mulder and Scully operatives, but down to earth folk with an interest in occurrences beyond normal experience.

LAPIS member Janet Walkey, from Poulton, said: "We look at the evidence in each case and reach conclusions based solely on that.

"While we don't accept that paranormal phenomena have been proven to exist we wouldn't discount the possibility that they may do.

"What the group do accept is that people have strange experiences that sometimes cannot be explained."

"We know that sensible people of all ages and from all walks of life sometimes run into the unexplained.

"We are really keen to hear about these experiences, if we can find a rational explanation we will but if not we record it, work with other researchers and maybe one day there will be
an explanation that we can’t imagine now.

"After all, the paranormal is simply science we don’t yet understand.”

And fellow member Stuart Leadbetter , from Fleetwood, added: "As a group we have a wide range of interests, not just UFOs.

"There is a lot of things out there which don't have a rational explanation."
Over the years the group have investigated a wide range of unexplained events and solved some of them.

In 2001 they investigated a case that became known as The Fleetwood Lights, when local residents began reporting strange lights flying in information.
LAPIS organised a meeting in the town's Rossall Tavern pub - later to be jokingly referred to as the Roswell Tavern after a famous American UFO incident in 1947 - and a National UFO magazine became involved.
Janet said: "We had our suspicions about the nature of these lights though which were proved right, they were in fact Chinese lanterns, very popular a few years ago, not so much now and
back in 2001 were hardly known."
In 2005 LAPIS dealt with a case that has never been solved.

A family driving home near the North Yorkshire town of High Bentham saw a fast moving unidentified light and had a period of missing time.

Their case came to the attention of the media and two documentaries, The Real 4400’s and later Sean Ryder on UFOs dealt with the case -
now known as The High Bentham Incident - and which has never been explained.

Along with their investigations LAPIS stage an annual conference comprising two days of lectures.

This year’s conference will be held at the YMCA in St Annes on November 9 and 10.

The group also hold meetings on the last Thursday of each month at The Guards Club on Whitegate Drive.

Meetings start at 8.30pm and everyone is welcome whatever their views on the paranormal.
To report an unexplained event, find out more about LAPIS, or for more conference details go to or email