Fylde residents happy with council services

The survey showed an increased level of satisfaction compared to 12 months earlier
The survey showed an increased level of satisfaction compared to 12 months earlier
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Residents in Fylde are more satisfied with general council services than they were a year earlier, according to the latest study of people living in the borough.

The Fylde Council Residents' Survey, first introduced in 2012, allows customers to have their say on the services they pay for via their council tax, such as parks, refuse, street cleansing and value for money from the Council.

And with the satisfaction rating exceeding 80 per cent across the board in the 2018 survey results, the council has hailed the figures as an indication that the quality of its service is recognised by residents.

The survey took the results from 430 people who filled in the form online, answering 10 simple questions on the main front end services as well as the

residents’ experience, perception and knowledge of the local authority.

Many of the figures were better than the last two years, although since the survey began seven years ago, the figures were at the highest in 2015.

A report stated: “The objective is to get an overview of satisfaction with services and the council that can be used to identify areas for improvement and allow comparison over time.

“The results from the 2018 Residents Survey data set show high levels of satisfaction consistent with the previous two years data and significantly improved on the 2008 Place Survey comparable data.

“The levels of satisfaction from the Residents Survey are exceptional with many in excess of 80 per cent, which is well within the top 25 per cent of results that are achieved in comparable research carried out by other organisations.”

Percentage figures were based on those who rated as satisfied, good or excellent.

For refuse collection, the figure was 94 per cent (compared with 90 in 2017); household recycling rated 89 per cent (86 in 2017); parks and open spaces rated 96 per cent (93 in 2017); cleanliness of the streets rated 78 per cent (73 in 2017); planning service in Fylde was 68 per cent (60 in 2017); customer service rated 87 per cent (74 in 2017).

Other figures included 97 per cent as a place to visit (95 in 2017); 95 per cent as a place to live (94 in 2017) and 78 per cent value for money as a council (70 per cent in 2017).

The survey replaced the compulsory Place Survey, which cost around £7,000 per year and was abolished in 2009, with the current survey being delivered within existing resources, thus saving the council money.