Firefighters’ ‘stand strong’ strike action

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Firefighters across the Fylde coast today start a fresh wave of action as their dispute with the Government over pensions rumbles on.

At 9am this morning members of the Fire Brigade Union (FBU) complete a 24-hour strike as part of its continued industrial action.

Now they are undertaking a open ended period of action short of strike, which will see union members ‘work to rule’ – refusing to work voluntary overtime.

The dispute between the union and Government centres on fire fighters argument that setting a pension age of 60 is unfair and unrealistic, when government surveys have found only one in three fire fighters are likely to be able to maintain the level of fitness needed by the age of 60, said Chris Molloy, FBU representative for the Fylde coast.

He added: “Strikes sometimes aren’t well supported but we’re continuing to try to get our message across and we get fantastic public support.

“If you need to be rescued, who do you want coming to save you? A bunch of 60-year-olds is not going to work.

“This has been going on for more than three years now.

“We want the Government to listen, they keep saying this can only be ended through negotiations but they won’t talk.”