Earthquake 'sends desks sliding across office in Fleetwood' - but it WASN'T fracking

The quake happened in the Irish Sea
The quake happened in the Irish Sea
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An earthquake sent desks sliding across an office in Fleetwood earlier.

The tremor, which measured 2.4 on the magnitude scale, happened in the Irish Sea at 11.53am local time, the British Geological Survey (BGS) confirmed.

It comes on the same day Cuadrilla said it is to resume fracking at its Little Plumpton site in Fylde, which saw a number of quakes until the controversial practice was halted in December, but a spokesman confirmed that has not yet happened.

One officer worker told The Gazette: "We have just had the desks move which can only be down to an earthquake."

The BGS said the tremor happened around seven-and-a-half miles south-east of Barrow in Cumbria, and around eight-and-a-half miles north-west of Fleetwood.

It happened at a depth of around three miles.