Debbie on run for little George

Jane Careless with baby George and daughter Jasmine
Jane Careless with baby George and daughter Jasmine
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A Freckleton woman is testing her body to the limit to raise money for a charity which made life a lot easier for her family.

Debbie Cooper, 39, is taking part in a 100-mile race which covers the mountainous stretches of East Lancashire to raise money for the Sick Children’s Trust.

5-month-old George

5-month-old George

Debbie’s sister, Jane Careless, needed the trust after her son George was born with Hirschsprungs Disease – a bowel condition.

The family, who live in Derbyshire, had to transfer to Sheffield Hospital after x-rays found a problem with five-month-old George’s bowel.

The hospital was the nearest place where specialist treatment could be found.

However, the condition meant brave George was in intensive care for almost two months, with his parents desperate to be close.

Debbie Cooper who is preparing to do the Red Rose 100-mile race this month

Debbie Cooper who is preparing to do the Red Rose 100-mile race this month

The Sick Children’s Trust has 10 ‘Home from Homes’ across the UK which provide temporary homes for families next to hospitals, allowing them to stay together when times are tough.

Jane said: “I can’t imagine what it would have been like without the house in Sheffield.

“It has already been tough, but without the house it would have been so exhausting and stressful, the accommodation was a total Godsend.”

Sister Debbie, 39, is taking on The Red Rose 100 which runs from Saturday, May 23 until Monday, May 25 with entrants having 48 hours to complete the 100-mile route.

Debbie said: “The charity has just been fantastic for my sister, the house next to the hospital has meant they can be together at a time when they needed to be the most.”

Debbie, a teacher at Kirkham Grammar Junior School, added: “I did a 62-mile race last year which bodes me well, but there are miles of the unknown to conquer.”

Jane added: “I am so proud of her, I think she is crazy doing it, but I am thankful she is doing it and not me!”

The family now hope George has had the last of his operations, after being fitted with a new bowel on Monday.

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