Crowds left stunned by ‘UFO’ sighting

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Dozens of people attending a Fylde coast conference were left amazed after spotting what appeared to be a UFO hovering in the distance.

The unidenfied flying object was seen by around 80 people from the Probe International Conference held at St Annes YMCA on Sunday.

Eyewitnesses said the object, at first thought to be a balloon, hovered in the same spot for around an hour before disappearing.

Chris Turner, 38, from Bolton, was at the event as a filmmaker.

He said: “I was going to film one of the speakers and do some filming outside, when low and behold we saw a group of people looking in the sky.

“All of a sudden lots of people came rushing out of the conference to see what it was.

“The object was in the distance over the coastline, maybe even out to sea.

“It was very small and appeared to just stay in the same spot. People thought it was a balloon, but when it kept staying where it was, we realised it could be something different.”

Mr Turner said the object remained in the sky for an hour, before disappearing when clouds arrived.

Sam Wright, 70, from Blackpool, who helped to organise the conference and is chairman of Probe International, said the object was silver in colour, with a dome on the top.

He added: “About 80 people ran outside to see it. I have seen quite a lot like this before.

“Something was there. It did not seem to move for an hour. It is my opinion it was a UFO. You can’t prove it, but it certainly is a possibility.”

Mr Turner added: “I do not know what the object was. It was just sat there. You will always get some people who say it is nothing or it is a balloon, but it was just sat there for an hour in one spot. I do not know – it is subjective.”

It is not the first time UFOs have been spotted in the region.

According to Freedom of Information Act figures released to the Gazette last year, Lancashire police dealt with six alleged UFO sightings in 2013.

Police said two of the calls were from residents in Blackpool, with one caller telling officers aliens were trying to get him and they were listening to all of his conversations, while another claimed the US Government was harrassing him and when he was younger had been on an alien aircraft.