Coroner's safety warning to prevent future tragedies following accidental death of Blackpool builder

A Blackpool coroner has issued a health and safety warning following the tragic accidental death of a local builder.

By Wes Holmes
Tuesday, 25th June 2019, 1:30 pm
Coroner Tim Holloway oversaw the inquest in March
Coroner Tim Holloway oversaw the inquest in March

Christopher Bevan, 53, had been working on the roof of a garage on Holmfield Road, North Shore, when he fell 6ft, hitting the back of his head on the cobblestone ground, on August 14, 2018.

He sustained a serious head injury and died at Royal Preston Hospital of diffuse brain swelling and blunt trauma the following day.

In a report addressed to Mr Bevan’s son Nicholas, who he had been working with on the day of the accident, coroner Tim Holloway, who conducted the inquest in March, said evidence in the investigation ‘revealed matters giving cause for concern’.

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He said: “In my opinion there is risk that future deaths will occur unless action is taken.

“The court received evidence that the ladders in use at the time of the fatal accident... were used on a surface that may have been slippery, that they were not footed during use, that they were not secured at the top save for the extent that they were supported by the blockwork and/or recently laid coping stones... and that they may have been used by (Mr Bevan) in a manner which involved him assuming an awkward position in order to carry out work.

“The concern therefore arises that you may use, or those with whom you work may use, ladders in a manner which present risk to you.”

He said that action should be taken to prevent future deaths.

A copy of the report was sent to the chief coroner.