Cleveleys boy on a mission to save the planet and prove that "not all kids are bad"

Litter and plastic pollution may be one of the biggest global issues at the moment, but one little boy is on a mission to single-handedly clean up the environment.

By Rebecca Beardmore
Friday, 9th August 2019, 3:20 pm
Six-year-old Brodie Atkinson, litter-picking in Fleetwood. Credit: Angie Atkinson
Six-year-old Brodie Atkinson, litter-picking in Fleetwood. Credit: Angie Atkinson

Brodie Atkinson, 6, got the litter "bug" after a recent trip to collect rubbish with his beavers group, 2nd Cleveleys based at St Andrews church, Rough Lea Road- and now he is determined to see how many bags he can fill with rubbish before the summer holidays end.

Hundreds of people responded on Facebook to praise Brodie's clean-up efforts after his mum posted a photo of him with his litter picker in a community group.

Angie Atkinson, 36, of Clegg Avenue, said she was "overwhelmed" by the responses she has received from the community.

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She said: "I thought it made a nice change from all the negative things we've seen recently about the youths vandalising things in Cleveleys. I wanted to show that not all kids are bad.

"Brodie has always been a sensitive little boy, really kind and caring. He loves litter picking, so we got him a litter grabber. He goes all over the place, he's been around Cleveleys town centre, to the mount at Fleetwood with his grandparents, and to Stanah. Stanah didn't really have any rubbish to pick up though so he was quite disappointed!

"Brodie's dad Paul and I never expected this level of response. I am very proud, but it's just the norm for him. When I showed him what people were saying he just couldn't stop smiling.

"He's very conscious of the environment, especially after seeing pictures of sea creatures like turtles being stuck in the plastic beer holders. He just wants to help."

One member of the public said: "After all the problems we've been experiencing with youths causing problems in our resort recently it's refreshing to read about this kind and caring little boy. Well done Brodie."

As a big football fan, Angie said Brodie was delighted when the family were approached by Fleetwood Town FC.

A spokesman for the club said: "We were made aware of Brodie’s clean-up on social media and were instantly impressed with the effort he makes to the local community.

"Once finding out he was a football fan we felt it would be nice to reward him with a treat for him and his family. He’ll be a guest of the club in hospitality for Saturday’s game against AFC Wimbledon.

We hope Brodie and his family have a great day."

Mrs Atkinson said she was considering holding a "Brodie's beach clean" event with her son, and would encourage all members of the community to engage in a public clean-up to keep streets and beaches litter-free.