Children praised for practising new lock-down alarm drill at their school in an 'excellent manner'

Anchorsholme Academy (Picture: Google Maps)
Anchorsholme Academy (Picture: Google Maps)
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A new lock-down alarm has been tested at Anchorsholme Academy, with youngsters praised for their approach to the precautionary measure.

Headteacher Graeme Dow said the Eastpines Drive school was following a number of schools in Blackpool which have already had such an alarm fitted, and said there was "an expectation now that schools consider" having them installed.

"The lock-down procedure is for many potential situations," he said, citing escaped gasses or fumes in the area, intruders, or even a dog running loose on the playground.

He added: "The children have been fully briefed about each of these and were very knowledgeable about the procedure and the reasons for it.

"Last week was our first practice drill and, like all of our fire drills, it was completed by the children in an excellent manner.

"Like a fire drill, a lock-down drill is to prepare children for something we hope will never happen, although dogs on the school grounds has been something many schools have experienced before.

"In our case, it prompted us to improve our perimeter fence.

"We will continue to periodically practice both fire and lock-down drills to ensure our pupils are prepared for such incidents, regardless of how unlikely they are."

The alarm has multiple uses - and also allows teachers to play music around the school at different times.

Last month, Westminster Primary Academy in Claremont Road, North Shore, went into lock-down after a gunman was seen in nearby Cromwell Road.

It lasted around 40 minutes and pupils were unaware of staff locking the door and putting an emergency plan into action.