Caring Jenson, five, determined to keep beach tidy

Dad Adam Pennington was surprised but proud at the answer he got when he asked his son Jenson how he wanted to spend Father's Day.

Wednesday, 26th June 2019, 11:15 am
Jenson Pennington picks up litter

A day at the beach would have been a fair enough reply from any five-year-old, but Jenson was determined to spend it picking up litter - and he picked up a hefty haul of plastic and paper in the process.

The Marton youngster's tidy tour of the sands in central Blackpool not only delighted his dad, but also his teachers at Hawes Side Academy, where he and his fellow pupils in the Foundation stage have been learning all about reducing plastic in the sea and the importance of using bins.

"Jenson could have done anything he wanted that day but he chose completely off his own bat to go and litter pick on the beach," said Adam.

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Jenson was proud of his efforts to protect the environment

"It is an unbelievable thought and gesture from a five-year-old child.

"We took bags along with us and he picked up plenty. We had a great day and I am so proud of him."

Jenson's teacher Louise Sleet said: "We were absolutely delighted to hear that Jenson had taken his learning one step further.

"On his first visit to the beach he was inspired to return armed with a grabber and bin bag to clear some rubbish.

Jenson's efforts have impressed his teacher and classmates at Hawes Side Academy

"He collected a full bag of litter including plastic bottles and paper paving the way to a cleaner environment for all.

"Local passers-by were very interested to find out what he was doing and he tells us many praised him for his efforts.

"He has been so very excited to tell us all about his quest to reduce litter and save the environment – we are very proud of him”

Hawes Side Principal Caroline Boothroyd added: “A very big well done to Jenson.

"We work hard to teach our pupils about the importance of our environment and particularly what we can do to try to help reduce our impact upon it.

"”We are incredibly impressed that Jenson has shown his initiative in this way and hope that other pupils will take his lead in taking care of our environment."

Emily Parr, Fylde Beach Care Officer for Keep Britain Tidy, was also full of praise for Jenson's efforts.

She said: “It is brilliant to hear that after learning about plastic in the sea, Jenson decided to take the matter into his own hands and wanted to clean his local beach.

"His enthusiasm to help will have a great impact on the environment, as every single piece of litter removed from the beach makes a difference.

"Not only have Jenson and his dad helped the beach look cleaner, it will now be a safer place for people and wildlife.

"Jenson is very welcome to join any of the LOVEmyBEACH beach cleans in the future!”

Adam says Jenson is keen on football, playing for Spirit of Youth and at Fylde Coast Futsal and has just recently been asked to attend Preston Academy.

He also attends Taekwando classes after school, loves animals and going on walks and adventures.

"He's a typical lad but he's really caring and it is great that he feels as he does about the environment."