Body find shock for dog walker

Body Found on Queens Promenade, Bispham
Body Found on Queens Promenade, Bispham
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A dog walker has told of the shocking moment he spotted a body on a Blackpool beach.

Albert Pugh, 75, of Bethel Avenue, Bispham, was walking his dog around 8.30am along the coastline opposite the junction of Queen’s Promenade and Cavendish Road.

Mr Pugh found the body with his dog and shouted to a passing holidaymaker to call the police. Michael Cartwright, a fisherman, also spotted the body, as reported in yesterday’s Gazette.

Mr Pugh, a former worker at BAE Systems in Warton said: “It was a big shock.

“I had let the dog off the leash and it bolted towards something. I got there and did not know what it was. I soon realised it was human.

“The upper body and lower legs were missing.

“It looked like the person had been wearing some denim pants.

“A waistband was intact too.

“It was hard to say whether it was a man or woman, but it looked more like a man from the size.”