Blue Room one step closer to re-opening

The Blue Room could be open again in the next few months
The Blue Room could be open again in the next few months
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An historic pub famed for being the birthplace of Blackpool FC could open its doors once more after a bid to buy it was accepted.

The Blue Room, in Church Street, could be welcoming drinkers as early as May if the not-for-profit society behind the plans can raise between £250,000 and £300,000 in time.

The 139 Church Street Community Pub Limited hopes to raise the cash by selling shares over the next month.

The popular venue, which has been closed since 2015, is listed as an Asset of Community Value.

Gareth Wright, one of five directors currently heading up the society, said: “This is massive, because we are aware others were interested in buying the pub.

“We are not doing it for profit or any glory for ourselves – we just want to see the pub open and doing good things for the community.”

Shares are expected to go on sale from Monday, and will be offered until April 7, documents released by the society showed.

They add: “There is a great desire to see the pub not only returned to its former status, but enhanced, with the prospect of hosting its own brewing facilities, featuring other local breweries at the pumps, and providing performance and exhibition space to local artists of all kinds – as well as valued meeting space for local charities and community groups.

“The area around the Blue Room – shops, takeaways, and even other pubs – has suffered in its absence, sadly even leading to closure for a few.

“This is about more than just the reopening of a pub, it’s about regeneration of what was once a thriving part of the town.”

The society said it raises the ‘bare minimum’ target, it would fund the purchase of the pub, essential repairs and redecoration. Cash raised above that amount will be used for further repairs and development of the upper floor and microbrewery.

While bar snacks would be served, a full dining menu would not be offered because the society ‘believes there are alternative facilities for good food in the area’.

Members would be eligible for election onto the board, which also features Rob Hill, Graham Moore, Iain Brownbridge, and David Moore, and would be given their money back should the bid to buy the pub fall through. If it opens and later fails, the building would be sold and investors reimbursed based on the price it goes for, the society added.