Blackpool welcome for Pensioners Parliament

Hundreds of older campaigners marched through the streets of Blackpool as part of the the three day Pensionera Parliament.

The event, which has been running for 20 years, kicked off with a jazz band and a colourful and noisy march through the town centre followed by a rally with a number of guest speakers.

Pensioners Parliament march in Blackpool town centre

Pensioners Parliament march in Blackpool town centre

Neil Duncan-Jordan, National Officer for National Pensioners Convention said: “We had terrific weather for the march and there was over 500 people in the hall.

“Speakers talked about social care and pensions, the issues with not having guards on trains and intergenerational conflic t.

“Campaigners believed the supposed conflict between old and young does not exist and is a ‘phony war’

“Older people often get blamed for a lot of things in society and it isn’t fair,

“The atmosphere was very positive. These people are not prepared to be told they are a problem in society.

“People enjoyed the day and are looking forward to the next day.”

Day two and three will include sessions on a wide range of issues of concern to older people, from transport, housing, and care. There will be extra activities and a social evening.