Baby ‘one inch away from serious eye injury’ after vicious seagull dive-bombs into her pram for scrap of pastry

Breanna suffered a nasty scratch in the attack
Breanna suffered a nasty scratch in the attack
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A baby narrowly escaped a serious eye injury when a vicious seagull dive-bombed into her pram for a ‘stamp-sized’ piece of pastry.

One-year-old Breanna Schofield was visiting Blackpool Zoo with her mum Charlotte, 30, and granddad Nigel Litherland, 62, on Wednesday when the gull launched its attack, leaving her with a large scratch on her face.

A close-up of Breanna's scratch

A close-up of Breanna's scratch

Charlotte, of Red Bank Road, Bispham, said: “We were walking along; she was in her pram and she had the smallest bit of pain aux chocolat in her hand. She was just finishing it off and all of a sudden a seagull came at us and didn’t stop.

“The next thing I knew it was on her, and then it was gone.

“She screamed - she’s already terrified of them. She had a massive scratch on her face.”

Charlotte was given anti-septic wipes by the zoo to treat the nasty injury on Breanna’s left cheek.

Nigel said: “Blackpool Zoo was very good and we don’t blame them. But my granddaughter was just an inch away from a serious eye injury.

“It all happened in a flash. Before we knew it, it was all over her. It was a split-second thing - it flew right into the buggy for a piece of food no bigger than a postage stamp.

“It’s only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured by a seagull. It was only a few weeks ago in Cleveleys that one swooped down and snatched a sandwich out of my hand.

“They are going to hurt someone. They’ve got no fear.

“My point of view is that the problem is not getting any better, It’s going to get worse and one day somebody is going to lose an eye.”