Baby joy for hypnotherapy mum

Hypnotherapy gave Cleveleys couple the baby they thought they may never have.

Tuesday, 14th March 2017, 9:47 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:00 am
Laura Tucker-Smith with her daughter Saffron

Laura Tucker-Smith, 33, feared she may never get to hold the baby she longed for.

Following four happy years of marriage Laura and husband Mike were excited to embark upon the next chapter and start a family. But after 18 months, the couple started to worry perhaps nature was against them as Laura struggled to conceive. They sought medical advice and despite undertaking various tests, doctors could not find any reason medically why the couple could not conceive.

Laura and Mike were referred for IVF. After a round of IVF treatment, the couple still had failed to conceive. The couple felt frustrated and despondent.

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Doctors said in-vitro fertilisation was still a valid option, but Laura was unsure. IVF is invasive and unpleasant and after one failed attempt, Laura says she was not feeling positive about a second.

Before the couple were set to try a second round of IVF, Laura saw an advertisement for Calm & Contented Hypnotherapy.

Gemma Webster, clinical hypnotherapist and fertile body method practitioner – based at The Spa Hotel, Ribby Hall, Wrea Green – specialising in hypnotherapy for infertility in women, highlighted the benefits of hypnotherapy and her belief in mind – body connection.

Figuring anything was worth a try, Laura booked a course. Gemma explained hypnotherapy doesn’t come with a magic wand and there were no guarantees conception would occur.

The focus of the hypnotherapy was to help Laura achieve a fertile state by addressing various aspects of her life, regaining balance and creating more harmony between work and personal life.

The sessions gave Laura chance to take some time-out, and change her mind-set, as well as providing a fertility awareness programme – looking at ovulation, hormones and reproductive cycles.

Gemma used various visualisation techniques with Laura. Gemma told her many career women find conceiving a struggle after years of working and telling themselves they are not ready. Life-style, past experiences, mental blocks and stress factors are all aspects which can be addressed through hypnotherapy, to improve the chance of becoming pregnant.

Despite being booked in for a course of four treatments, after the third, Laura was delighted to find out she was pregnant.

She is now proud mum to four-month-old Saffron.

Laura said: “I realise there is scepticism surrounding hypnotherapy, but as far as I am concerned the results speak for themselves. People are dismissive of the power of the mind, but after embarking on the hypnotherapy sessions, I know first-hand how amazing the experience was.

“We spent two years trying to get pregnant and it was only after spending time with Gemma we did eventually get the baby we dreamed about.”

Gemma, who is registered with the National Council For Hypnotherapy and Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, said: “It is fantastic to see results and changes in all my clients, but there is something extra special about working with infertility. I am over-the-moon I’ve been able to use hypnotherapy and my other skills to help Laura and her husband.

“Laura is a shining example of how a small change in mind-set can have a massive impact. The mind is such a powerful tool.”