Apology over beach blunder

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Bosses have apologised for a bungling employee who left the company’s van marooned in the sea.

James Grayson, from St Helens drove on to the beach near Starr Gate on Monday only to get stuck in the sand.

The 30-year-old’s van had to be towed out of the sea by a JCB digger after he decided to go for a “lunch time break”.

After turning down a concrete stretch, the dad-of-three realised he had driven too far onto the beach.

Once out of the van, Mr Grayson suddenly realised things were about to get worse with the tide coming in fast.

He said: “The tide was coming in so quick that it was up to the floor of the van in no time.

“I was asking any passersby to help tow it out.”

Group marketing manager of A&M Energy Solutions Helen Oliver has apologised for the inconvenience caused on Monday afternoon.

She said: “Obviously, this is not something that we are proud of and we can confirm that we are looking into the causes that led to this incident, and we will ensure that this does not happen again.

“Our employee has informed us that he was manoeuvring the vehicle when it got stuck in the sand.”

The van was only towed out after spending an hour stuck in shallow waters.

Mr Grayson said the water levels were at an alarming level by this point.

He said: “The water had gone above the level of the wheel by this point, the waves were rocking the van back and forth.

“I got in the sea myself and helped push, the waves were that powerful they were knocking me over.”

A&M Energy Solutions branch manager in Rainford, St Helens, Andy Kenny said: “Investigations are still ongoing into the incident and we are still waiting to find out the damage caused to the vehicle.

“It’s certainly not great seeing one of your vehicles floating in the Irish Sea on a Monday afternoon.”

Mr Kenny confirmed that Mr Grayson had not turned up for work on Tuesday meaning the company was unable to assess the damage caused to the van.

Mr Grayson believes the incident was not all his fault.

He said: “If I’d had a job to go to then I wouldn’t have been sat there waiting.”