18-month-old Isaac facing deportation may be able to remain in Blackpool

Magdi, April with 18-month-old Issac.
Magdi, April with 18-month-old Issac.
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The 18-month-old son of a Blackpool doctor who faced deportation could now be staying in the UK.

Isaac Ibrahim was sent a letter last week advising him his application to stay in the UK with his parents had been refused.

Issac faced deportation from the UK.

Issac faced deportation from the UK.

Magdi Ibrahim, 43, and his wife April, 30, were left “distraught” after the Home Office wrote to 18-month-old Isaac and told him: “You applied for indefinite leave to remain. I am writing to tell you your application is refused.”

However it turns out the couple had sent the wrong application form into the Home Office, who got in touch with the couple after The Gazette ran the story.

A spokesman for the Home Office said: “Isaac’s parents completed the wrong application form for their son.

“We have contacted Isaac’s parents, explained the situation and invited them to submit the correct application.”

Magdi thanked The Gazette and said it was a relief to hear the wrong application had been sent.

He said: “April had a phone call from the Home Office and spoke to someone who explained what had happened.

“They have emailed us a link where we can complete the correct application form.

“We are all so happy to hear it was a mistake and it gives us some hope.”

Magi started working as a medical practitioner at the Whinney Heys Road hospital in February after getting a visa to work in the UK, with his wife able to come with him because she’s classed as a ‘dependant’.

Despite Isaac also being a dependent, Magdi and April had sent the incorrect application, which cost around £3,000.

Magdi said: “They said we need to apply for the correct one and they might be able to refund the incorrect application.

“The Home Office have also said if we need any help at any time we can contact them to request assistance.

“We are just happy that we have this other application to complete so hopefully we can all remain in Blackpool.

“I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has helped us and supported us. We are so grateful to be here in Blackpool.”