Pensioner’s dog in vicious attack

Jennifer Milnes
Jennifer Milnes
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A DOG owner has spoken of her distress after her greyhound was viciously attacked.

Jennifer Milnes, from Fleetwood, was walking her eight-year-old greyhound Ash on the beach when it was set upon by a black and white collie.

Although the incident lasted a matter of seconds, Ash, was left bleeding heavily and fighting for his life.

The 63-year-old has owned Ash for three years after he was retired from racing.

She added: “I was very distressed because his injuries were horrendous.

“It happened so quickly and my dog never made a sound because of the shock.

“When I first saw the dog I thought it was coming to play but it attacked then ran off.

“My dog always wears a muzzle and this was totally unprovoked.”

Mrs Milnes took Ash to the nearby Mount Veterinary Practice on Harris Street, Fleetwood, where he was immediately taken in for life -saving surgery.

But Mrs Milnes, who is partially deaf, now faces the daunting task of finding £400 to pay for Ash’s surgery and subsequent treatment.

She added: “I’m with the PDSA but I couldn’t get there because my dog would have bled to death.”

“I need help because I’m a pensioner and can’t afford the bills.”

Ash was allowed to return home to his owner after surgery, but remains in a critical condition.

Mrs Milnes is urging other dog walkers to look out for the collie responsible for the attack.

Sean Wensley, PDSA’s senior veterinary surgeon, said: “If your dog is being approached by what appears to be an unsupervised dog, remain calm, put your dog on a lead and walk in a different direction.

“If everyone took the time and trouble to socialise and train their dogs, instances of canine aggression would be greatly reduced.”