Pedestrians share paths with cyclists

The council is clarifying which footpaths in Blackpool are shared with cyclists
The council is clarifying which footpaths in Blackpool are shared with cyclists
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Cyclists will continue to be allowed to pedal along nearly 50 stretches of footpath in Blackpool as part of the town’s commitment to encouraging residents to get in the saddle.

Council chiefs have confirmed the continued use of footways which have been designated for shared use between pedestrians and cyclists.

They range from town centre routes such as parts of Abingdon Street and Bank Hey Street to pavements along East Park Drive at Stanley Park.

A council report admits it is safer in some instances for cyclists to use the footway but more needs to be done to clarify which pavements are shared use.

It says: “Statistics tell us that we are more likely to have an injured cyclist on the road with the relevant consequences, than pedestrians injured by a bike on the footway.

“Riding on the footway is illegal, except where it has been designated as shared use, and the purpose of this report is to clarify which footways are currently shared use such that pedestrians and cyclists alike are aware of these areas.

“The distinction between shared and non-shared areas should be clear for all to see.

“A previous criticism of shared use areas has been that low key signage can make it difficult to know which they are.

“Officers are currently working to improve this in a number of ways.

“To balance and raise awareness of those footways which are not shared-use, and where illegal cycling is prevalent, the council has introduced measures to protect more vulnerable pedestrians.

“Temporary signs and neighbourhood policing has been deployed with reasonable success. The signs can be rotated around areas of concern.”

Parts of Whitegate Drive and Clifton Road also have shared footways.