‘Party’ hotel is stripped of booze licence

Northlands Hotel, Hornby Road, Blackpool
Northlands Hotel, Hornby Road, Blackpool
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A Blackpool hotel which advertised a ‘24-hour party’ on a poster on its front door has been stripped of its licence to sell alcohol.

Council licensing officers took action against the Northlands Hotel on Hornby Road following complaints about noise from other hoteliers in the area.

A room inside the Northlands Hotel, Hornby Road, Blackpool

A room inside the Northlands Hotel, Hornby Road, Blackpool

Complainants said “people were coming and going from the premises from 10pm to 6am most weekdays and music was blasting from the bar area”.

When environmental health officers visited the hotel they found it run down, with two men temporarily sleeping in what had been the dining room.

No-one was taking responsibility for the running of the hotel, and there was a poster on the front door saying “24 Hour Party call Shane”.

Following a town hall licensing hearing, a panel of councillors revoked the premises’ licence which allows it to sell alcohol.

They said: “The panel also heard that residents in the local area had suffered nuisance due to the fact that people had somehow obtained the keys to the building and were using it for their own private parties. These parties had then expanded to invite members of the public.

“Although the immediate concerns about nuisance have diminished due to the freeholder boarding up the premises, the risk remains that these problems could recur if someone were to gain access again.”

The decision can be appealed within 21 days.

The hotel is closed and calls went unanswered.