Park rangers to restore garden gem

volunteers and council gardeners are preparing to cut back hedges to reveal a lost garden.

The Woodland Gardens open space on Woodside Drive, near Blackpool Zoo, is to receive attention from a new management team led by Blackpool Council’s park ranger service and arboriculture workers.

Volunteers from the Langdale Centre, who have breathed new life into the picnic area at Stanley Park, are also looking forward to getting dug in to the work.

The overgrown site has been granted special status as a designated county biological heritage site and now boasts a dedicated team of council employees committed to restoring it.

Rangers have written a five-year management plan in a bid to attract more visitors.

Head ranger Lisa Kersey said: “We are fully aware of the potential for the site. It previously benefited from much public interest but in recent years this has waned.

“However, once restored it will no doubt be a wonderful asset to the town.”

The ranger service also aims to attract visitors with tree planting schemes, bird and bat box making and a programme of interesting walks and talks.

Local schools will also be invited to use the site as an outdoor classroom.