Parents’ anger at academy proposal

Parents and children protesting against plans to turn Revoe school into an academy.
Parents and children protesting against plans to turn Revoe school into an academy.
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FRUSTRATED parents have been protesting against proposals to convert a primary school into an academy.

Revoe Primary School is currently consulting with parents and governors on the possibility of breaking away from council control and becoming an independent facility.

But the move has angered parents, who gathered outside the school gates to voice their disapproval over the proposed move.

Melanie Townley, 41, of Hudson Road, Blackpool, said: “The changes are not going to benefit the school at all and if anything it will make it worse.

“The whole idea seems to be negative to me and if it does become an academy my kids will be pulled out of the school.”


Shelley Atkinson, 30, of Grasmere Road, Blackpool, added: “There’s already a lot of good members of staff who have left and this will force more out.

“There’s a lack of information being made available to the parents and the school is only choosing to give us good news like the amount of money that will be given to them.”

If Revoe does become an academy, it will have the freedom to set its own curriculum and chose staff pay and conditions.

Peter Marsden, of the public service union Unison, said: “We see no advantage in schools becoming academies.

“They get no additional money and we are opposed to it because local control is taken away and we think there should be good schools in every area.

“The staff are opposed to it and this has come from the Government putting pressure on schools to convert.”

Headteacher Catherine Woodall says nothing has been decided and plans are still being considered.

She added: “At the moment we are open to consultation.

“As a team we have no strong feelings one way or another and that’s why we are doing an open consultation which will go back to the Governors in September.

“The council is fully involved and want to continue to be involved with us whether we are an academy or not.

“We are still committed to being an integral part of the community and work with the council.”