Paige accused kept cuttings about teen

Preston Crown Court.
Preston Crown Court.
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The jury in the Paige Chivers murder trial has heard how the man accused of killing her and hiding her body kept newspaper clippings about the teenager’s disappearance.

Robert Ewing, 60, denies murdering Paige, 15, who went missing in Blackpool in August 2007.

Paige Chivers has not been seen since 2007.

Paige Chivers has not been seen since 2007.

During a search of Ewing’s flat in All Hallows Road, Bispham, police officers found a hoard of cuttings about the case and about the murder of Paige’s father Frank Chivers in 2014, Preston Crown Court was told

Ewing told officers he had an interest in the case and kept the articles out of curiosity.

He was questioned about blood found in his flat which matched Paige’s DNA profile but insisted he had not killed the youngster.

Paige was last seen on August 23, 2007 at a bus stop in Ashfield Road, Bispham, after leaving home.

An older woman who knew Paige described how the youngster had ‘gone off the rails’ since her mother had died and did not get on with her dad.

She would often seem drunk and would stay over at the woman’s flat on occasions when she had left home.

Ewing was interviewed last year and told police Paige had arrived at his flat with a cut to her arm and had dripped blood on the skirting board and door frame as she went to clean herself in the bathroom.

But when asked why there was no blood between the front door and the bathroom, Ewing said he thought the schoolgirl had cleaned up after herself.

He added: “I’ve got OCD. I used to clean up all the time, mopping, cleaning, bleaching.”

Co-defendant Gareth Dewhurst, 46, of Duncan Avenue, Bispham denies assisting an offender, a serious sex offence and also doing an act tended and intended to pervert the course of justice.