Owl’s well that ends well for Teyen

Teyen the tawny owl with owner Georgina Darcy.
Teyen the tawny owl with owner Georgina Darcy.
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An animal lover was reunited with her owl when it flew back to the street it escaped from six days earlier.

Georgina Dancy, 53, began a frantic search for her tawny owl Teyen when it fled from its aviary on Hawkshead Terrace, Mereside, on October 12.

The volunteer animal keeper was feeding her six-month-old bird when it took flight with jesses still attached to its ankle.

It was originally feared Teyen would not survive in the wild as she was vulnerable to being attacked by other birds and does not know how to hunt.

Searches could only be carried out at night when Teyen was awake and in flight, but after going missing for six days, she was found in a neighbour’s garden safe and well.

Mrs Dancy said: “I went to Marton Mere everyday to look for her and when I came back on Friday night there was a knock on the door and my neighbour told me Teyen was sitting on her bird table.

“She had been spotted on Mythop Road by Marton Mere and somebody saw her sitting on a pylon next to Chain Lane, but I never thought she would come home.

“My husband works with people who keep birds of prey and he said owls are not like homing pigeons where they return home, so I feel very lucky she has come back.

“When I take her outside now she doesn’t try to flap her wings because she knows she’s had a fright.

“She would’ve been starving by the time she came back and decided it’s best to be at home.”

Owl was spotted close to home

Teyen was found six doors away from where she went missing on Hawkshead Terrace, Mereside.

Appeals to find Teyen were put in The Gazette and on social networking sites as the search began to find the six-month-old owl.

Teyen was spotted around Marton and Staining by those looking out for her.

She was seen on a pylon next to Chain Lane and flying across Mythop Road in Marton.

Wild tawny owls are commonly found in woodlands and it is believed Teyen stayed close to wooded areas to look for food before miraculously making her way home.

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