A Word In Your Ear - September 20, 2018

My Panama hat is now hanging on the back of our so-called '˜study' door, removed from the kitchen where I'd take it out to sunbathe in Edmonds Towers' garden.

Thursday, 20th September 2018, 1:38 pm
Updated Thursday, 20th September 2018, 2:42 pm
Roy Edmonds

Also, last weekend I watched the last game of the season at Blackpool Cricket Club which, incidentally, topped the Northern Premier League’s first and second divisions and the Palace Shield’s Sunday one. Well done lads – and lasses! Teams are blossoming in the Lancashire Cricket Board’s Women & Girls Cricket League.

This week we shall also be playing our last outdoor tennis – at Lytham Sports Club. Fortunately, there’s a refurbished indoor court at South Shore Lawn Tennis Club, on the Moss, so we can play there over winter and autumn (which starts tomorrow).

How lucky we are on the Fylde coast to have so much entertainment and diverse activities for all seasons! We keep hearing of new restaurants, particularly in suburbs and aimed at locals not tourists, as well as cosy micro-pubs and craft beer houses appearing in different neighbourhoods. Here in Great Marton we recently welcomed the No.10 Alehouse, a mouth-watering addition to our existing popular pubs, Blackpool’s oldest – The Saddle Inn – and the Boars (sic) Head with its exotic Thai menu.

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Only the other day, while dining at Lowther Gardens’ café before a rock concert, I spotted another possible winter hobby – the ‘Tuneless Choir’. It’s ‘for those who can’t sing but just love doing so anyway’. This choir, at St. Annes Parish Church Hall, follows an earlier one still making a glorious noise in Thornton.

My music master told me never to sing in public but mime (after repeatedly hitting me on the head with his wooden recorder), so it might suit me. However, we also have those afternoon tea dances to attend . . .

See what I mean? We’re just spoiled for choice!

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