A Word In Your Ear - September 14, 2017

So here's autumn, at least at Edmonds Towers. I may be a few days ahead of the official seasonal change, but autumnal signs are evident here in Great Marton.

Thursday, 14th September 2017, 2:48 pm
Updated Thursday, 14th September 2017, 2:50 pm
Roy Edmonds

At the weekend, as rain hammered and winds whistled, I lifted my Panama hat from where it’s lain over summer, on top of the fridge-freezer in our kitchen. This was so I could pop it on when going out to sunbathe, or do some gardening.

Now the Panama’s in its autumn-come-winter position, on the hook of my study door. Actually, this ‘study’ is our old ‘box room’, now also the laundry – not that we bother ironing any more – and She Who Knows’ wardrobe overflow.

The Panama, a folding one from Ecuador, inspires me when writing and reminds me of sunnier days or adventures abroad.

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However, we’re not downhearted. Autumn’s a beautiful season too, just ask any dog! Once well wrapped up, I enjoy the smell of wood smoke and tramping through falling leaves around our parks, just as dogs love those mysterious, mulchy smells.

Vive la différence, I say. Who wants to wake up every day to constant sunshine, inviting you to revel in the same outdoor activities? Besides, we Brits would have nothing to talk about, on this blessed sceptred isle, if our seasons weren’t forever shifting.

The stormier weather this week was a surprise, though, as we usually get an Indian summer once the kids go back to school. However, it’s also true that the switch-on of Blackpool Illuminations always summons our strongest gales.

Looking around our disaster-strewn world, we’re indeed fortunate here, in this green and pleasant land, to have relatively moderate weather.

So, this is a time for you to enjoy cosy gatherings indoors; at home, or in your neighbourhood ‘local’, or at a café or restaurant. But, then, what to do afterwards?

Well, enjoy some reading of course!

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