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It’s been another weird week, so join WILLIAM WATT for a round-up of the strange stories in the news from the past seven days.

We’ll start this week with what could be the best job in the world.

This after a council paid actors to go into pubs and get drunk!

But wait, there’s a catch, they weren’t allowed to drink, and instead just had to pretend to be intoxicated to check that pubs were serving alcohol responsibility.

Organised by Conwy and Denbighshire Community Safety Partnership, the North Wales council spent more than £4,000 on the initiative which saw three ‘professional witnesses’ were hired to work over three weekends, pretending they were drunk in front of bar staff. According to papers documenting the operation, the actors staggered around ‘dressed in dishevelled and stained clothing’, slurring their speech and falling over.

Recession, what recession?

Elsewhere, an eight-year-old boy in Oklahoma has been rescued after getting his tongue stuck to a metal pole after he licked it as part of a dare.

Official said rescue crews arrived at the scene on Tuesday morning to find the boy standing on his tip-toes, trying to work his tongue off the frozen pole.

The pole in question was a ‘Stop’ sign outside Woodward Middle School.

Paramedics eventually freed the youngster after pouring warm water on his tongue.

Staying in America, a robber learned the hard way that hailing a taxi to make a getaway works only in films.

The crook, about to rob a suburban Chicago Burger King at knifepoint, asked the cabbie to wait.

But the thug took his time, and when he came out after 30 minutes the cabbie was gone and the suspect was captured.

Next up, a man from Taiwan is suing his neighbours over their rude pet bird, complaining the pet’s cursing inflicted emotional stress and injuries.

Electrician Wang Han-Chin claims that five neighbours taught their pet bird to insult him after he complained to the police that they were too loud.

Wang, from central Taiwan, claims the mynah bird would call him a ‘clueless big-mouthed idiot’ whenever he left the house.

While most would brush off the insults of a small feathery creature, it would appear Wang took the comments to heart.

He alleges the bird’s harsh words caused him serious distress, and claims he suffered burn injuries after the bird made him lose concentration at work.

And finally, Ian Holloway provided yet another entry to the quotes of the year book this week, when he was asked about the potential sale of skipper Charlie Adam.

The Blackpool boss replied: “If you think you can get Charlie Adam for £3.5m, you’re not only barking up the wrong tree, you’re walking the wrong dog.”