Trump, politics and Britain's Got Talent - here are the letters for June 6, 2019

Royal Trump
Royal Trump
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Letters - June 6, 2019

Respect the reason why Trump is here

Well! We had a day when our supposedly impartial news channels fed us a diet of insults and vitriol towards the President of America on his state visit to Britain.

We had interviews with sundry pontificators, this ‘expert’, that ‘expert’ and the usual rag bag of politicians and other assorted rabble rousers that they constantly parade before us, and how low did they stoop interviewing a child on her opinions of Mr Trump. Hers? I think not!

We learnt that J Corbyn, C Lucas and D Abbott are to speak at a rally against the Presidential trip, further demeaning this visit made by him to celebrate D-Day in his role of the democratically elected representative of America.

A state visit does cost a lot but so too does the cost of policing constant protests. Look at the fracking sites here in Lancashire.

And there is the rub! How can this motley crew and their acolytes be continually given air time to mock, sneer and castigate anyone who has a contrary opinion to their own? No-one should be against freedom of speech but it is becoming ever evident that freedom of speech is only allowed for the few who, for some reason, think they are superior beings to the rest of us.

Where are the voices on TV of the decent folk of Britain who are prepared to hear all opinions without causing such disgusting spectacles of themselves?

The world has had enough of spectacle watching, with the shenanigans played out for the last three years in our Parliament.

Thank goodness we have a Royal family and clergy who are prepared to do their duty and show respect to the President and his position on the world stage.

He is the leader of the free world, standing in the footsteps of those other presidents of the free world, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D Roosevelt, without whose help, in both world wars, some elements of today’s society would not be at liberty to show how ill-mannered and ungrateful they are, and intolerant of any view but their own.

Make no mistake, there may well come a time when we need to turn to America again and therefore must hope they are able to rise above the insults their President has had to endure on this visit. A great many British people are not averse to his visit, fully knowing the reason for it is to remember the sacrifice of his fellow countrymen for which we must be ever grateful.

What will these people do when the President returns home? Well! Pick up where they left off of course! Jump on the next bandwagon! Watch your back Nigel, watch your back Boris!


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BBC was wrong

on Donald Trump

On the BBC’s Newsnight, Emily Maitlis chaired a discussion on the visit of President Donald Trump. The line taken by Maitlis was blatantly anti-Trump as well as rude and misleading.

The words used by Maitlis painted a picture that left no doubt to the viewer that President Trump is disliked by the entire British nation.

She said: “He is not liked at all here.”

This is clearly untrue and offensive to those who believe that Trump is doing for the United States what our own Parliament has failed to do for many years, i.e. put our country first.

The BBC has long since lost any claim to being unbiased and nowadays is blatantly driving a left-wing agenda.

I would like to see the BBC dismantled, broken up, sold off and the licence fee abolished. It is no longer either necessary or trustworthy as the multitude of alternative media sources confirm.

Who will be bold enough to grasp this evil thorn and drag it out of the ground roots and all?

I am pretty certain the only political figure with the tenacity to do it is once again Nigel Farage, the guy who really is in touch, it seems, with those who see the nation being fed a daily dose of old-style Soviet-like propaganda.

Phil Hanson

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Was it just a sympathy vote?

I, like many others, enjoy watching the popular TV programme Britain’s Got Talent.

However, what is very wrong with the programme is that, despite some of the acts being incredibly good, they stand little chance of winning when there is a mixture of children, dogs or old people on the show who simply get a sympathy vote from the viewing public. This time it was won by a Chelsea pensioner, who I wish the best of luck for coming on and winning.

But let’s be honest, was he genuinely the best ‘talent’?

Malcolm Shedlow

Address supplied


Drugs on nuclear sub worrying

The NHS tells us that “Cocaine gives the user … an overconfidence that can lead to taking risks.”

We should, therefore, be even more worried than usual by news that the MoD has confirmed that three Royal Navy sailors tested positive for cocaine on board submarine carrying 16 nuclear weapons, and that a military source is reported as saying that the three sailors were part of a larger group from the HMS Vengeance crew members who took the drug during a recent ‘run ashore’.

That said, overconfidence leading to the taking of risks is perhaps an apt summary for policies of so-called ‘nuclear deterrence’ which are, in fact nothing more than policies of mutually assured destruction (MAD).

It is time to rid ourselves and the world of the nuclear threat, whether it is in the hands of cocaine users or anyone else.

Philip Gilligan

Cumbria and Lancashire Area CND