Traffic, finance and politics - here are the letters for June 19, 2019

Letters - June 19, 2019

Wednesday, 19th June 2019, 1:53 pm
Oil tanker

Who benefits from

Iran tanker bombing?

Has anyone else noticed how our national journalists are just repeating the official line over the troubles with oil tankers in the Middle East? What has happened to critical thinking?

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We were lied to about reasons for both Iraq wars (“weapons of mass destruction” for the latter and soldiers “throwing babies out of incubators” for the former) and yet we still swallow these reasons for war given to us like it is gospel.

Our ‘reporters’ have become nothing more than ‘repeaters’ in global affairs which explains why so many people are turning their backs on mainstream national news.

Ask the question “Who benefits from this?” and it is easy to see that Iran does not benefit from bombing tankers while it would be hugely beneficial for the US, giving them a reason to carry out yet another regime change.

Julie Moss



People not mobile metal boxes

To see mothers with baby carriers on their bikes, in a capital city like Vienna, was an indication of how safe they felt on two wheels because they were using dedicated, cycle-priority lanes.

It is time that pedestrians and cyclists had priority in urban areas which would allow more space for taxis and buses while reducing car congestion. If only 10 per cent of existing car journeys were by bike or foot, congestion would be drastically reduced.

For too long motorised vehicles have been given the majority of transport resources so now we, that is people as opposed to mobile, metal boxes, want to claim back our streets, towns and cities so they become safe for children and adults alike.

Dr Christopher Bennett

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Digital banking isn’t for everyone

Not everyone has or will be able to embrace digital banking.

There will be the group of people with the means, but do not trust doing banking online due to the worries of hacking or scamming.

The other group, to which I believe, do not possess the financial resources to either buy or run a computer or smartphone.

This, in itself, can cause its own hassle as I’ve found out recently regarding the cancellation of a cheque.

This has taken approximately three weeks to achieve following my communication with the bank by letter.

Miss JE Ella

via email


Should Parliament be moved up North?

Parliament requires rebuilding. The question is whether it should be moved to a different site, possibly somewhere up North.

It would not be democratic for Parliament itself to decide as all MPs have a personal interest.

As it seems that a confirmatory referendum over Brexit will occur soon, could we not have, at little further expense, a second referendum at the same time that “Parliament be moved to a northern site”?

Bob Howes

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I dread to think if Boris gets chosen

As with all the problems with Brexit, like many I am fed up with hearing about the leadership campaign for what appears to be druggy conservatives, and nothing more than Boris Johnson offering bribes to the wealthier ones in society for him to be leader of the Conservative Party.

Using an analogy, he is nothing more than like a small person standing on a high pedestal trying to look bigger than all the others when everyone can see he is smaller than most - in terms of reliability and personality rather than size.

In other words, he is no good.

If he gets chosen to lead the Conservatives I dread to think what the integrity of the majority who chose him must be like.

John Richard Jones

Mill Lane