The good olde days were much simpler, education and society - here are the letters for May 7, 2019

Mike Yarwood and the Nolans at Opera House 24-6-80.JPG
Mike Yarwood and the Nolans at Opera House 24-6-80.JPG
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Me and my mates were in the pub the other day, reminiscing about the good old days when not just life was simpler but so was the political world.

There was not many homeless, everyone seemed to be working, and no one had heard of foodbanks.

It was the days of Harold Wilson and Ted Heath.

In those days, Ted Heath would have been regarded as more left wing than Tony Blair is now, and Jeremy Corbyn’s policies would have been seen as very much mainstream.

Margaret Thatcher was just beginning her political tyranny, starting with impoverishing school children by taking away their milk, and would later go on to persecute the working class as Prime Minister.

Mike Yarwood was the big star on TV, even though his impersonations were really not up to much.

His only impersonations we could understand were Ted Heath and Harold Wilson, because everyone could do them.

It didn’t matter if it was Barbara Woodhouse or Richard Nixon, they all sounded the same.

His singing impersonations left a lot to be desired.

He would let us know the artist he was impersonating because we didn’t have a clue who he was doing.

He would then finish off with “And now me”.

The times themselves were good, even if all the impressions were not.

Ged Taylor

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(Pictured: Mike Yarwood and the Nolans at Blackpool Opera House in 1980)


It’s only a theory, 
not a proven fact

I refer to the letter from Mr Prance, regarding race (Your Say, April 26).

In his letter he states: “Everyone of us has a black-skinned ancestor who set out from Africa two million years ago and colonised the world.”

Two million years ago, eh - wow! Does Mr Prance actually believe that?

This reminds me of a comment made by the Duke of Wellington to a gentleman who approached him and said: “Mr Smith, I believe.”

“If you believe that,” said the Iron Duke, “you’ll believe anything.”

Mr Prance probably believes that the theory of evolution is a fact, scientists have been trying to prove it to be so for over 100 years and have not su


G Marlow

via email


Animals killed 
in military tests

I wonder what the people, who have been kicking up a fuss about halal meat being served in our schools, think about recent revelations that 50,000 animals have been killed in military tests during a series of experiments on pigs, monkeys and guinea pigs?

John Appleyard

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and slavery

At presumably vast expense, Cambridge University is paying researchers to see if it benefited from the slave trade. Why?

Are people involved in that trade going to be arrested? Are victims to be compensated?

It was over 200 years ago that Britain was instrumental in stopping the trade so all victims and perpetrators are long dead and it wasn’t an illegal activity at the time.

Paul Morley

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Will tests be final straw for teachers?

For how many teachers will the introduction of tests for four-year-olds be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and cause them to leave the profession?

When are these so-called pundits in the Department for Education going to realise that teachers are perfectly capable of assessing a child’s ability and leave them alone to get on with their job?

Hilary Andrews

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Thank you to Jean and the ‘Cat man’

I was in Blackpool for a short break recently, and after enjoying a lovely afternoon at the North pier, Iwas stranded when my wheelchair broke down.

I had no idea what to do but two strangers came to my aid and ensured my safe return to St Chads hotel near the South pier. They would not give their full names, only Jean and ‘Cat man’. They were a wonderful example of kindness and a great credit to Blackpool.

Winnie Deighan

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