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Written by Steve Pope

Prescription drugs are often an unmentioned arena of addiction, though the patterns of loss and destruction brought on by prescription drugs, are no less threatening than crack, cocaine, or heroin.

A recent government report estimates that more than one million people in the Uk use prescription drugs for non-medical purposes.

Prescription drug abuse often includes medications provided by a doctor for these classifications: painkillers, anti-anxiety, uppers, downers, and sleeping aids. Many people become addicted to this class of drugs following a legitimate prescription following an accident or surgery. Addiction begins, and the cycle starts of taking the pills to answer life’s problems, “I take the pill..I feel good!” We hear the addicted patient say something like this all of the time.

It’s this connection which leads to addiction. Thus, the cycle of craving, use and then regret, guilt, remorse becomes the new “normal.”

For many who have become addicted, a medically supervised prescription drug detox is imperative and available through a variety of agencies on the Fylde coast starting with a visit to your gp.

It is necessary to get professional help as going through prescription drug detox can be very dangerous. Several classes of prescription drugs require a medically 
supervised detox.

If the addiction runs unbridled over a period of time, as tolerance builds, the effects of prescription medications on each individual may vary, yet as highly addictive drugs, cravings will increase and continue while the physical costs mount. Life generally becomes more and more unmanageable.

Once the gp’s prescription has been exhausted the addict steals friends and family members supplies, then they go to the illegal street dealer and buy their drugs for extortionate prices .

The dangers to a family relationship can be devastating. Addiction is known to cost people their marriages, and custody of their children.

The problem is rife here on the Fylde coast and, as a drug counsellor, working in Blackpool I see the effects it’s having on our community my new year thought is for us all to be aware and alert to this ever increasing problem .

Your gp can help, as can a variety of drug rehabilitation agencies, so act now and don’t put off recovery ,