Taking Stock - September 01, 2014

Rob Stocks
Rob Stocks
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Neatly pressed uniforms show summer is over

Well, that was summer – officially.

How can I tell, you ask – other than stepping out ill-prepared into the chill wind which has been sweeping across the Fylde coast of late.

Well, it’s because there’s a pile of neatly pressed uniforms on the stairs and a whole new set of lunch boxes in the kitchen.

My daughter, of course, is oh so very blasé about the return to school.

There’s an air of been there, done that about her.

The dynamic duo – my twins – on the other hand are busting out of their boots.

Of course, it’s pre-school, not proper school but they’re waking up every day demanding to know when they can don their lurid yellow polo shirts and skip off into the unknown. I seem to remember quite enjoying the first day back at school.

Summer, I reckon, is just too long and once the novelty of not being directly educated has worn off it’s just like a short but tough prison sentence. Sure, I was allowed to toddle off to the next village on my bike, where I’d drop 50p on a bag of sweets, hang around in a playground and then ride home – but it was no stand-in for the camaraderie and general tomfoolery of the classroom.

First day back was exciting – a new timetable, new teachers, always one kid in a plaster cast thanks to a mystery inflatable banana accident in Greece. Everyone would be desperate to tell of their summer adventures (or lack thereof), so much so it was normally Wednesday before any hint of normality kicked in. The first few games of break time footy were intense, new shoes were quickly scuffed and it was only a matter of time before the first shirt was untucked or collar loosened.

It did, though, always feel like a fresh start – something we don’t often get in adulthood. Imagine knowing every year you had an exciting change ahead.

Nobody claims to like their school days when they’re going through them – even somebody as enthusiastic as my daughter refuses to come home telling exciting tales from the classroom (she really is too cool for school in that respect).

But you know something, parents are right when they tell you to enjoy them because they really are the best you’ll have.

So whether you’re a pupil or a teacher going back to, or starting, school this week – good luck and enjoy!