Taking Stock - October 20, 2014

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It was a sad day last week when our own little airport finally closed.

The big jets had, unlike the swallows and cuckoos, already flown off to more welcoming climes, leaving the propeller powered connection to the Isle of Man the honours of being the last aircraft out.

It’s a shame– even if I can’t remember the last time I used Blackpool Airport.

It’s a shame those who did now have to trek to Manchester or Liverpool where the airport experience is a whole load less personal.

I used to be a frequent flyer out of Squires Gate when the Stansted services ran - weekends out in London and connections to destinations a whole host more exotic.

I liked the fact there was one shop selling a few books, sweets, drinks – things you might need.

Not like the big airports.

I’ve never quite understood who does frequent the stores which, at places like Heathrow, do a fantastic job of blocking the view of planes taking off.

There’s high-end jewellers, designer luggage piled high, electronics, watches.

It’s rather lovely to pass the time browsing but I can’t think for a second why you’d choose to buy anything.

Take the technology stores.

I’m sure they do a roaring trade in overseas adaptors but if you’re a businessman whose managed to turn up without his laptop I’d say you’re in the wrong job and if you’re off on holiday and buying your camera after security then something’s clearly gone very badly wrong with your packing.

Talking of which, what’s the use of having a shop selling suitcases once you’ve already checked in?

I resent airport prices – which make motorway services look like a thrift store – and I’ll hunt ruthlessly to avoid any unnecessary 

I’m probably the only person to have found the tiny convenience store tucked away in the corner of the airport at Singapore where you can buy almost anything (including Fishermen’s Friends imported from sunny Fleetwood).

It’s the holy grail for the weary traveller – a one stop shop just like we had at Blackpool – a different kind of travel experience and one which will be sadly missed.