Taking Stock - November 9, 2015

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Have you taken the plunge yet?

If you’re a dad, the answer is probably no, especially if you’re the kind of bloke who likes to enforce a good stereotype.

What am I on about? The heating of course!

Even though the kids have been clamouring for weeks I refuse to give in – until their Vimto starts turning to fruity ice it’s simply not cold enough to push that button.

I’ll admit there have been moments of temptation, a moment frozen in time – if you forgive the pun – when an extra jumper hasn’t quite seemed enough.

But, so far, I’ve found ways around burning through my cash.

It’s always handy when the neighbours crank up their heating, having inevitably cracked.

And I seem to have been spending a little more time in the kitchen, particularly when the oven has been on.

There’s nothing like a nice hearty winter-warmer of a stew, especially when cooking it has helped keep the icicles off the glasses on the draining board.

Bet you didn’t think of that when you bought a slow cooker!

If all else fails there’s always one spot in the house warmer than any other and that’s under the covers, tucked up in bed.

What a great excuse for making a hot drink and curling up with a good book – with the added bonus of the money saved by turning off the TV and most of the lights.

If that’s not your idea of a good night (and if it isn’t what’s wrong with you?) then there are alternatives.

The heating is always likely to be on in the pub, if you’re really lucky there’ll be a roaring fire and a quiz.

Granted, any money saved from turning down the thermostat at home might be squandered on ale and bar snacks – but isn’t that a better use of your hard-earned lucre?

In all honesty it’s been a mild autumn so far and, joking aside, the moment when the heating has to go on will come.

When the dark days of December arrive I’ll be parked next to a radiator.

But, let me make this clear for the kids, I’ve got plenty of jumpers left.