Taking Stock - November 7, 2011

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For the past two weeks I’ve been enjoying a well earned fortnight away from Gazette Towers.

Now, normally, with two weeks and no work, I’d have been on a plane and away before my seat was cold.

But with the twins to take care of and My Good Wife at work, I’ve instead spent two glorious weeks right here on the Fylde coast.

And, with two babies to keep occupied, there have been plenty of opportunities to get out and about, and remind myself just how fantastic our little corner of the world really is.

Yes, there are improvements I would make – starting with the climate – a little closer to the equator would be nice – but there’s no denying I’ve enjoyed the expeditions.

I’ve been up to see the Comedy Carpet (didn’t it turn out nice), and taken in the newly revamped Tower, although I’ve still never been to the top.

The Munchkin, as little ones do, did come up with a stark warning for anybody who does venture all the way up.

“Daddy,” she asked while craning her neck to see the lovely new glass floor.

“I can see their pants.”

I think she must have some kind of super vision because all I could make out at that distance were figures – no hint of what they may or may not have been wearing – either that or she’s lying.

I’ve also ventured south, all the way along the Prom to Starr Gate, where the new tram depot looms like the walls of Mordor, marking the line where Blackpool becomes St Annes.

And a lovely stroll it is too, pausing at the Pleasure Beach to watch holidaymakers having fun, and listen to the screams. The art on the Prom is rather good too.

Not that I understand it all, but it does liven up the walk.

Further afield I’ve been to Fleetwood to watch football, Poulton for a trip out on the train, Over Wyre to see the Old Folks and down to St Annes and Lytham for a pint or two.

In fact, I’ve spent time almost everywhere, except, it seems, where I live.

It seems I’ve neglected South Shore and, given what I’ve seen elsewhere on the Fylde coast during my fortnight off, I’m not the only one.

While there’s plenty to be positive about in the town centre, once popular areas like Waterloo Road and Bond Street seem, well, a little forgotten.

They’re areas I pass through to get somewhere else and, without major attractions, I suspect many visitors do the same.

So then, maybe with the fun parks, Prom art and Tower sorted, the time might have come to spare a thought, and maybe a little cash, for the mile or two in between.