Taking Stock - November 24, 2014

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Lunch, being a tubby sort, is something I find myself thinking about quite often.

Fortunately the next few weeks are sorted thanks to the arrival of the one-month-only festive sandwich.

From around about October I start to anticipate the arrival on the shelves of the pre-packed Turkey butty.

In an ideal world it would be on thick, crusty, seed free wholemeal bread, with a high ratio of turkey to stuffing, proper crispy bacon, a liberal dose of cranberry and, after the big day itself a little bit of gravy for added moisture.

Now, I know you’ll know find that on the supermarket shelves but I’m on a one man mission to eat as many as possible in the next 30 days in the hope of tracking down the best.

That means the plastic pots, host to leftovers most days of the week, may well start building up in the fridge – fortunate for those days when I might fancy (hobbit style) a second tea.

I may well be alone on the butties here at Gazette Towers as everybody seems to have gone salad box crazy.

Of course, I use the word salad in the loosest sense.

I know what real salad is, I’ve seen it. And as far as I can remember it has never contained an onion bhaji.

No, the salad I recall had green things in it – and not just a token gesture.

One tub, which returned to the office and was placed on the desk of a senior staff member contained three different types of pasta, enough mayonnaise to satisfy Belgium for a month and one, three falafels and a lonely looking slice of cucumber which I’m sure ended up in the bin.

The recipient, a Yorkshireman, gave the bulging container a thorough inspection, to ensure the nervous young hack dispatched to bring fresh supplies had ensured no space whatsoever was left for air or lettuce.

When I first started in this business salad for lunch was the preserve of those on a guilt-driven fitness drive – it was one step above dust.

The portion was tiny and dressing was a dirty word.

I really can’t understand quite where things lost their way. Maybe I’m a little green when it comes to the way of healthy eating – I’m probably the only thing around here that is.