Taking Stock - November 16, 2015

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Not a day goes by when an e-mail doesn’t land in my inbox which makes me a little bit angry.

That’s partly because, as my family were only too eager to point out as I celebrated my birthday last week, I’m a middle aged man (they even gave me a Ladybird guide).

But mostly it’s because geographically challenged people called Pippa bombard newspaper journalists with hundreds of generic press releases ever week.

But one message which arrived last week made me almost choke on my own brand instant cappuccino.

The Football League is rebranding as The EFL – that’s the English Football League, just to make things clear.

Not only is it one unfortunate typo away from another less widely accepted organisation but it’s just plain ugly – the latest in a long string of ridiculous rebrandings.

Take the announcement earlier in the year that HSBC would be changing its name in the UK.

Being ‘middle aged’ I remember the good old Midland bank – who didn’t get my custom because somebody else was handing out porcelain piggies at the time.

It seemed a simple option, become the Midland once more.

But the branding boffins, with their focus groups and sky high fees, had another idea.

After a long deliberation they came up with HSBC – UK.

Starburst... Opal Fruits, Marathon....Snickers, British Midland who became BMI (which I recall is a measure of how fat you are) and then disappeared.

My advice, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

The Football League was the world’s first, the original. A proud fact no focus group or brand consultant can take away.