Taking Stock - May 18, 2015

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It’s been more than a week since the General Election results were declared but the fallout shows no sign of abating. And I’m not talking about the big national stories – dominated by jockeying for position in leadership races.

There’s been the latest TV sensation ‘I’m a potential Labour leader – get me out of here’ starring Chuka Ummuna and Nigel Farage’s unlikely Christ-like resurrection following his crucifiction in South Thanet. The Liberal Democrats are probably up to something too – no doubt seeking solace in the fact they no longer have to book such a big room.

But it’s been on social media that things have really got out of hand – forcing me, in recent days, to carry out my first ever purge.

The problem – no end of mud flinging from pals on both sides of the political divide, people who used to work or drink together slinging ever more ridiculous claims about.

It’s all got quite ridiculous. I don’t care who you voted for – nobody went to the ballot box with the sole intention of’ ruining the Health Service’ or ‘bankrupting Britain’.

Now, don’t go thinking I’ve been chopping people off my timeline just for a lively bit of political debate.

Those facing the axe have largely been culled for their hipocrasy. I don’t think anyone educated at a selective grammar school or one of Britain’s top two universities (that’s Oxford and Durham by the way) anyone who is part of the political class, has any right to bang on about the ‘privileged elite’.

The fact is to the man on the street they are part of it.

Still, at least I haven’t had it as tough as one former school friend, these days living and working in Poland (proof that despite what some politicians say, we do really send folk the other way).

You see, the Poles have also recently gone to the polls – my poor acquaintance suffering an electoral double-whammy of sniping. His ire ensured he’s remained an online pal – like those standing for election last week, not everybody has been so lucky.