Taking Stock - March 4, 2013

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IF I’m late for work today chances are I’ve not stopped for a bacon butty but I’m stuck in a traffic jam.

The reason – roadworks!

There’s a lot of them about here on the Fylde coast right now and over the last couple of weeks they’ve been the bane of my life.

I’m sure I’m not alone in secretly cursing under my breath the complete closure of Common Edge Road which this week will make planning the school run as complex as a mission to the North Pole.

Granted, there’s less chance of being eaten by a giant, hungry white bear outside South Shore Tennis Club, but it’s going to be an ordeal none-the-less.

What I don’t understand is the need to close an entire road.

I’m sure that, as a lad, when they resurfaced our road (believe me, a very necessary task given the potholes plaguing our roads right now) they did one side at a time – traffic lights a bit of a nuisance but nothing compared to the huge a log-jammed diversions we are to be treated to in the 21st Century.

I’m sure there’s a health and safety reason for shutting everything down – but one does get the sense the poor old inconvenienced motorist is a bit of an after thought in the whole planning process.

Of course, it’s not just down here in South Shore where there’s traffic chaos.

Our potholes might be a problem (there’s a real beauty outside the health centre on Lytham Road) but on the Prom things are worse.

There the brand new road, how beautiful it was when it opened, is quite literally cracking up – perhaps it’s got something to do with the proximity of the comedy carpet.

Joking aside, it’s a real nuisance and, right now, the poor drivers of Blackpool could rightly be forgiven for thinking they’re just lurching from one set of roadworks to another.

Of course, we all want to know the work is being done as quickly as possible to get us all moving again.

That’s why one curtain twitcher (who shall remain anonymous) couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw workmen on one of Blackpool’s many projects last week down tools to give their cones a good wash.

Now, I’m all for a clean working environment (my desk might say something different) but surely there’s more important work to be done that giving those orange menaces a quick once over with hot soapy water.

I can only presume they were dirty because they’d been moved so many times – that’s if the junction of Common Edge and School Road is anything to go by.

I can only presume the cones there had a mind of their own as they’d completely re-arranged themselves every time I drove through.

In the end turning right became so confusing I just gave up and went left with everyone else.

Sure, in the end we’ll be left with fantastic new roads – free of potholes, cracks and all those other dangers and annoyances.

But that will seem little consolation as I sit in the tailbacks this morning.