Taking Stock - March 16, 2015

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In the not so distant past, when I was forced to don shorts, knee high socks and a non-elasticated tie, you knew where you were with school uniform.

Whether rain or shine, summer or winter, the score was the same.

But for the optional extras of winter (a brown knitted balaclava if you must know) it was pretty much a year-round thing.

Even in the frozen depths of January, with the Irish Sea making every effort to invade the school football field, the school wardrobe never changed.

These days not a week goes by without the need to find a new fancy dress costume, exciting varieties of footwear or a onesie thanks to the amazing number of fund-raising and educational opportunities on offer.

The other week it was World Book Day and the Munchkin (not to mention Boy Twin and Girl Twin) had to rattle up dressed as their favourite characters – or at very least the one mums could most easily replicate.

Thanks to a little bit of horse trading in the football world I managed to bag a Bradford City tie (Hogwarts FC), My Good Wife locating a gown and the Munchkin was dispatched, after a lengthy session on the hair curlers as Hermione Grainger from Harry Potter.

Now, I’m no great fan of JK Rowling. Having been brought up on a diet of Dick King Smith and Arthur Ransome, I find the writing style a little basic.

But at least I’d sent my child dressed as a character from a book.

In the playground (among a smattering of very creative Hobbits, two Gruffalo and one lonely looking Long John Silver) were a plethora of 
Disney princesses and more Spidermen than my feather duster on a stick could handle.

Not one Eeyore did I spy, or a Charlie Bucket or Paddington, not even a Worst Witch – leaving Hermione the winner in that category by default.

I do hope I’m not in the minority when it comes to reading with my children.

After all there are so many fantastic books out there – from Elmer and Room on the Broom for the little ones to the many and wonderful works of Roald Dahl.

There really is nothing better for a bit of bonding or to fire the imagination than a good book.

My little pair love the tale of the Snail and the Whale - now that would have been a costume to behold.