Taking Stock - June 15, 2015

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A few sunny evenings means it’s been time – long overdue I might add – to tend to the gardens at Stocks Towers.

Gardens might actually be stretching the truth a little.

There’s a patch of lawn – bare in some places, overgrown on a Congo-explorer level in others.

Then there’s my pride and joy: the veg patch.

Now, don’t go conjuring up images of me being out there, like Richard Briers in The Good Life.

I’ve no desire to own pigs or chickens or start ploughing at the weekend.

But there’s a few essential herbs – I can even name one or two of them, a couple of wilting tomato plants, a healthy patch of strawberries and the spuds which are just beginning to pop their heads above the soil, ready to be trampled by marauding pre-schoolers.

It’s a modest effort but I’m looking forward to feasting off the products of my labours – probably enough to make one potato salad and a good bowl of strawberries and cream.

But it has got me online to find out if I can grow more.

In the hunt I came across something far more exciting not too far from home.

Todmorden is hardly a famous spot – gifting the world Burnley-supporting weatherman John Ketley, and little else.

But it seems there’s a quiet revolution under way on the streets of West Yorkshire thanks to a group calling themselves Incredible Edibles.

They started with one planter on the unloved railway station – putting in a bed of herbs and inviting commuters to help themselves.

The scheme has since expanded, initially to the railway car park and then beyond, spreading free fruit and veg across the town. And wherever planters have been installed anti-social behaviour has dropped as people tend to a community resource.

What’s more, there’s no risk of theft because, well, that’s the point! It’s a win, win – free veg and community spirit all round. Surely we should all dig in!