Taking Stock - January 5, 2015

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Am I the only person disappointed to have come out of the Christmas break without a new pair of slippers?

I was quite looking forward to spending New Year’s Eve breaking in a toasty new set while working my way through a five pack of Curly Wurlys – yes, I know how to live the high life.

According to research (presumably paid for by somebody willing to splash the cash before considering the useful purpose) nearly three-quarters of us were out on the big night, be it down at the golf club dinner dance (like Mother Dearest) or clubbing into the early hours.

I was one of the forgotten 25 per cent, in fact I wouldn’t have noticed the start of 2015 if I hadn’t been woken up by what appeared to be heavy shell fire concentrated on Little Thornton.

The issue of fireworks at New Year is one I have another 12 months to stew over (it didn’t happen when I was a lad). But there’s bigger fish to fry – not least tackling the fact I spent the biggest party night of the year on the sofa.

I’ve never been one for New Years resolutions, mainly because they are rarely kept.

But I’ve decided (and this most definitely does not fall into the same camp) I need to get out more.

After all, my kids aren’t as demanding as they were – it’s time to reclaim the evenings.

What I need is a hobby.

Now, I know it’s perfectly possible to have a hobby without going out. I’ve tried a few, glueing myself to the desk trying to build a Spitfire, doing my best impression of King Alfred when I took up baking for a day and proving one man’s weed is another man’s spud when I tried my hand at gardening.

So I’ve decided to go out and try something new – maybe even to make some new friends – knowing people who aren’t my children or employees of Fleetwood Town Football Club would be a start!

I’m willing to put my hand to anything once, even, and I say this with great dread, dancing.

A new hobby a week, that’s my aim for 2015 and, you know, I’m open to ideas.

Extreme ironing, amateur drama, barbershop singing... I’m game.