Taking Stock - January 12, 2015

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If there’s one thing the modern world loves, it’s a label.

In the last few weeks we’ve had a weatherbomb, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and probably more I haven’t even noticed.

Now, I know we media types are partly to blame.

After all it’s not a real news story if it doesn’t have it’s own logo and the work ‘gate’ tagged crudely on the end.

But we can’t shoulder all of the blame – there’s plenty of other people desperate to claim days for themselves.

Did you know, for example, that in January alone we’ve got Blue Monday (where apparently you have to do a good deed for others, presumably exempting yourself for the remaining 364) and national bug busting day.

There’s also Farmhouse Breakfast Week, Winnie the Pooh Day, Global Belly Laugh Day and employee motivation day which, I’m sure, when I was younger, was just known as going to the pub.

I didn’t see a label for the Saturday just passed but it’s only a matter of time given, apparently, it’s the biggest of the year for booking summer breaks.

To be honest, I don’t blame you if you did.

After all, looking out of the window right now makes me long for sunnier climes.

And these days it’s so easy.

Back in the days of old you had to visit the travel agent.

Sitting on a wobbly chair you’d be run through hundreds of options you couldn’t possibly afford in an appointment which seemed to last longer than Gone With the Wind.

Eventually you’d part with your hard-earned cash out of guilt, having taken up what seemed like hours of the advisor’s time.

These days plenty of us book online, a process which is even more baffling thanks to the sheer volume of products available.

You could hunt forever for the perfect package but it’s all rather stressful – hardly the point.

Of course, whatever or however you book, you know you’re going to arrive at the airport in July, find your flight is delayed, the airline haven’t got your special meals and the hotel you’ve booked is on a Balkan building site seven miles from the beach. Perhaps somebody should come up with a label for that one too.

National Disappointment Day springs to mind.