Taking Stock - February 23, 2015

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It’s been a week of lucky finds at Stocks Towers.

These were not major discoveries on the scale of, say, the Americas or Penicillin but, when small victories are much sought after, they were satisfying non-the-less.

The first little win came at the park - normally the scene of a million and one rows, mostly based around the concept that you can’t please everyone all of the time.

If one little person wants to go on a slide you can pretty much guarantee another is heading for the roundabout, a third heading for the climbing frame and all of them heading for an epic meltdown.

It’s a fairly common theme.

Put two children in a room and ask one of them what they want to play with and you can pretty much guarantee the answer will involve any item the other one has got.

Even the most civil of games can quickly descend into a running battle if a careful eye isn’t kept at all times - Snap is banned in our household after a string of incidents and a spate of violent acquisitions.

The park, being a public space, takes things to the next level - I’m sure other parents are passing judgement on every tear-filled tantrum.

Mind you, had boy twin not got his knickers in a twist and nearly ended up being, to put it in newspaper parlance, in collision with a swing, I’d never have found a shiny two pound coin.

Of course, the arguments aren’t merely confined to the park and the lounge.

Even in the car there’s constant strife.

Now, let me make it clear, I’m quite pleased my little ones are getting upset because one wants The Beatles but another wants The Who - at least nobody’s bleating about One Direction.

But it can be very distracting.

Thank goodness that, under heavy braking, a long-lost Pink Floyd album slid out from under the passenger seat this week - ever since the little ones in the back have been either stunned into silence or plotting their revenge.

As for that two pounds, well, I found a way to spend it on something everyone would like.

After all, nobody says no to ice cream.